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I respect today’s decision by Barnaby Joyce to step down as Leader of the Federal National Party and from his Ministerial duties.

None of us could comprehend the intense pressure that Barnaby, his new partner and his family have been under for the past three weeks. In public life we accept our actions are always under scrutiny, but our families who sacrifice so much should not have to endure the same media and public interest.

As Agriculture Minister Barnaby was a champion for the rural sector and in my travels people told me how much they appreciated someone who was fearless in representing them, building markets and working with industry groups to make agriculture such a vital part of our

economy. As Infrastructure and Transport Minister, albeit briefly, he hit the ground running to ensure the Inland Rail becomes a reality.

I am pleased he has reassured the people of New England that he will continue to represent them because there is no greater advocate for regional Australia. He will continue to play a role in public life, and I look forward to working with my friend and colleague.

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