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The Australian Rail Track Corporation has committed to investigating what can be done to make life more peaceful for residents of South Singleton who have to live with constant train noise.

In Senate estimates, the Nationals Duty Senator for Hunter John Williams took up the cause of the residents around the Glenridding area following an approach by the Member for Upper Hunter Michael Johnsen.  

Senator Williams said he was made aware that no-one seems to be accepting responsbility for shielding the residents from the noise caused by the coal trains as they rumble through Singleton day and night.

He told the ARTC representatives that when many of the residents first built their homes there were only two or three trains a day, but now they are being driven, in his words , crazy.

He is aware that when one family attempted to sell, the prospective buyer walked away because of the home’s close proximity to the train line.

Senator Williams asked the ARTC to review the matter and come back to him with a suitable solution, 

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