This week is Men’s Health Week, and I was honoured to address some farmers in the Bundarra area about men’s health and the need for all of us to take better care of ourselves. The statistics paint a vivid picture of how men do not seek assistance as readily as women. 57 percent of users  of GP services are women, and 43 percent men.  70 percent of men with a mental health problem don’t seek medical advice. Prostate cancer, found only in men, is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, ranking alongside breast cancer in terms of mortality. I could go on and on with such figures but it all comes down to men making that first step to go to a doctor or health professional to seek help. In many cases it could be the difference between life and death. If they don’t worry about themselves, they should have concern for their family who may not suffer the pain of illness, but will face mental anguish as they see their loved one suffering. It is time men stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for their own wellbeing. Men’s Health Week is a wonderful time to start.


National Volunteer Week celebrates and recognises the contribution to Australia of our 5.4 million adult volunteers. Volunteers contribute a total of 713 million hours to the Australian Community – an average of 2.6 hours per week per volunteer. 50% of volunteers do so because they believe they are helping others. Are you a volunteer, and what prompts you to help others.